EcoTec Group About - History

The EcoTec Group of Companies started in 1991 with the founding of EcoTec Environmental Consultants Inc. The company was initially founded to provide assessments for projects associated with the aquatic environment. Since then the company has grown into a multi-disciplinary firm focussing on terrestrial, aquatic, and socio-economic environmental assessments, habitat design, and construction administration.

EcoTec Construction Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary to EcoTec Environmental in order to provide ecologically-based construction services. These two branches of the company work closely together in order to ensure ecologically and economically sound aquatic and terrestrial restoration designs.

Caverloch Nurseries operates in conjunction with EcoTec Construction, providing native plant material for ecosystem construction projects. Caverloch operates out of both the Acton and Merrickville locations, growing stock in fields and greenhouses, and using sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods.

Over the last 20 years, offices have opened up throughout Ontario. With offices in Central (Acton), Northern (North Bay), and Eastern (Picton) Ontario, EcoTec is well equipped to provide services throughout the province.