Environmental Inspection and Contract Administration

To facilitate the construction of infrastructure and private development projects, EcoTec Environmental Consultants provides expertise in environmental inspection and contract administration. Typical initiatives which require this service include the construction of bridges, highways, buildings, subdivisions, marina and dock facilities, recreational facilities, stream channels, and fisheries compensation projects.

By working closely with project proponents, construction contractors, and environmental regulatory agencies, EcoTec helps to ensure that construction assignments meet all relevant provincial and federal environmental legislative requirements. Our involvement allows projects to proceed without costly time delays, and helps avoid fines resulting from environmental non-compliance, and allows the project proponent or construction contractor to exercise due diligence in the event of an accident. EcoTec examines environmental sensitivities on-site, and provides the following documentation and/or notification:

  • operational constraints for work around sensitive environmental features
  • acquisition of necessary permits
  • development of plans for water and dust control, waste disposal, and excess material management
  • material use, location, installation and operational constraints for erosion and sediment control measures
  • operational constraints and environmental protection measures for watercourse relocation, temporary crossings, in-water works, pipe or culvert removal, and overall watercourse/fisheries protection.
  • development of an environmental protection plan for winter construction.