Fluvial Geomorphology and Natural Channel Design

Rivers are dynamic and it is vital to understand their natural tendencies in order to evaluate the characteristics within the river system. EcoTec provides the expertise necessary to examine all aspects of stream dynamics including hydrology, channel morphology, sediment transport, erosion potential and natural channel design philosophy.

Our staff utilize their knowledge of fluvial and biological processes in order to provide a stable and ecologically diverse natural channel design solution. These solutions are based on EcoTec’s extensive practical experience in channel construction and incorporate:

  • hydrological analysis
  • HEC 2 modellling and RiverCAD
  • channel re-naturalization
  • fisheries habitat design
  • riparian restoration
  • ease of constructability
  • cost of construction

The scope of EcoTec’s channel design experience includes high gradient mountain streams, cold water Salmonid systems, agricultural drains, and large rivers.

We believe our efforts should be based on restoring natural systems to their optimal conditions while ensuring that they function in a dynamic equilibrium within the context of geomorphological and biological principals.