Habitat Creation and Rehabilitation

The development of ecological rehabilitation plans and the design of habitat features is a holistic process which attempts to re-create the structure, function and self-sustaining behaviour of an ecosystem. When imitating and rehabilitating natural habitat features, a sound understanding of the interactions between the surrounding physical and biological environments is required. EcoTec Environmental Consultants Inc. uses diverse expertise for a multi-disciplinary approach to habitat design.

Our team has extensive experience in riverine, lacustrine and wetland aquatic habitat design, and construction across Canada and internationally. When faced with a habitat design challenge, EcoTec carefully examines natural functioning areas in order to develop aquatic features which are hydraulically stable yet mimic natural habitat templates. Design challenges have included dramatic water fluctuations, ice movement, highly erodible substrates and property constraints. Through various projects, EcoTec has developed new and innovative aquatic habitat structures designed to be utilized in a variety of hydraulic regimes.

Our enhancement and restoration plans for terrestrial communities incorporate native vegetation and surrounding landform features in order to provide shelter, food an water for various life stages of local and migratory wildlife.

EcoTec utilizes innovative restoration techniques and careful planning in order to develop and implement natural functioning, constructible and cost effective habitat rehabilitation initiatives.